SAD poem



Bonds broken slipping away with the muck in the tide; penetrating the dissolving lack of interest in time, alone forgotten, all those moments, sinking below memories into matter.

Tears gushing with waterfalls of emotion into a bottomless pit of despair. Whispers of hope lapping against the edge of steel, demanding attention from the hearts so broken at the loss of loved ones.

Split asunder beautiful young bodies, universes ripped from this existence for little to no reason. Someone decided that belongings and power are more important than the life bonds of creation and hope.

Bodies ripped apart, torn away from growth and progression, from dialogue to the disease of loneliness. All for nothing these flowers are trampled under the foot of oppression.

Even at our door lies exclusion and prejudice,

In our very being we harbour these seeds of destruction.

Barbarous are actions that deny a chance to live

To share our existence.


June 10th

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