Chopping up the mash funk out groove the space to beat

Complete blinding feet yielding to the earth pulse.

Love limitless shape and thrust


Bound to lift and shake under the gravity, decision to repeat.

Mode the you too late dark in light.

Open the soul to dancing free the mind of yellow blue skied intrusion.

Creep the inverse explosive illusion


Skip the light fandango with Bogart frenetic rail changing all night.

Flickering lapping fire lights shining on burning bodied shapes against the pale moon.

Shimmering sea side creamed ice, licked in pleasurable salt sweet smelling reflection.


Rippling skin smooth as tin chattering in the right of ear domed sensual creased cross hat pattern

One legged on chimney pot against blue skied late night day time delusion


Warm feel perfect to implode into a reverie, a crazed must

One two three we need to be completed,

To turn a drum into batting a cave echo into reminded bleating.


Crisp crackling awaiting the effortless pure squeak that tune pressed in eternal determination

Rocking motors creeping up the cliff face, plodding almost naturally on a face of impossibility

A sense of eternity and universal absolute certainty.

Birds singing in unison, a full orchestra an epiphany.


The grass spell unseen letters that are normal but unreadable a fractal theory a destiny


Our lives are torn apart by particles separating the future in the present. The distance is nearer than far less just nearby.


Just smell the colour and see the taste to tell another grand story of normality. Space time unreality

Terrifying beauty. Lost but found set free but chained inevitably.


June 11th



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