Free Jazz

Free Jazz


Sawn from backwood

Malevolent adaptor

A machine with bliss rejection

A backward orgasm giving planet orbit

Cool, stand, free jet start, a new breed of political interjection

As burgers not made to meet a standard

Expected to add cheese, to be ready, a source:

A statue winged lake,

Part of an angel’s crutched desire.

Cream caked cliché, a chink in the balls of clock faced normality

Free of practical palpable culpability

Scream on

It’s time.


Resting on past life memories that surface to colour the outlying headland

Sheltering from the wind, in fake cardboard umbrella stand gum boats

Plastic car boot, open sale, with small pieces of men carved painfully into the bonnet

A bow tied pink, chapped lips with cream to soften

Sharp pain from aching tooth repeats a sentence

Head splitting detour to sideways menace

Practical imposition

Price toupees

Haircut of a distraught poodle

Pin stripe ashtray

Dog street echo

Birds swimming in costume



Craven images of trumped up charges administered at party

Sooth the ones in charge

The batteries of protection

Insured country landscapes

Castles of mince

Salt the mines

Ground to a halt

Pepper the populace

Read the carrot cake from crust to cover

Blow the horn on all our dreams

They are born.


June 17-20th


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