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The exercise in the wonderful creative writing class in Brighton Unemployed Centre on Carlton Hill. We chose a picture from National Portrait Gallery. Then dressed up and composed a piece to describe a relationship between the two characters. This is the poem (conversation)

Ginger Sailor

Untitled unbridled itching to describe

Expose entice, reveal expression

A voice squeezing pinched in slight entire


Pease Pottage Ginger sailor tart

Strutting statuesquely

“Oh what are you wishing for some intrigue, an engagement?”


“Not on your nelly, you strange posing pretty

My thrusting desire is to pursue a reasonable business acquistion.

Not a ginger sailor with leanings to alternative impression.”


“Gather pace and sail with me. Let go of your passion.

Juggle my emotion,

Feel my tassles and bourbles

Hang me out like a spent Christmas tree.

Bless my vest with fresh holes to visit through.

I enjoy your resistance.

Excites my persistence.”

Breathing inside decision

Dustbin feeling


“Rubbish my ideas you wanton brush hand.

Away with you

All at sea

Blush I will

Until you tell untold truths.

You are but a twisted red haired sleuth.”


“Oh no fair maiden

I just arrived from Bournemouth

in dream boat crème de month waved presence

Given to the sons and daughters of shore loving parents.”


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