Mixed up and over it

2014-07-08 10.21.35

Mixed up and over it


Sleepless, deep tiresome anticipation; wanting waning place of prisoner

Bath tub annihilation

Skin deep gratification

Dreaded decision acceptance.

Committed to the dream, partly thought unlike metered reaction

A sea of contemplation, rationed thought placid treatment

Deal the peel of bell salvation

Sink into sadness, a floor less under current of people found fortune

A grappling solved problem

A resolution of iron cast manipulating action


Retracing steps that never were traced

Missed opportunity

Meaning to be not necessarily plain in taste

Reading respite into beauty



Press on, squeeze juice into Friday

Refresh the mesh of messaged chat box beastings

Plan nothing allow all

Change response to pleased acceptance

Wake from the dawn like the Rings hero

Chase the dawn enjoy the sunset

Tree grasp the bellow of magic

Flutter naughty fairy bust the untold story

Midnight summer mornings

Away with you dark hairy choker

No more mixed up chamber jamming shut

Open the channel up

To all




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