Caking hot beech bustle

Temperature perfect breeze sublime

Summer people prized with tanning twenties

Blubber not showing sunk into the ground

Short change the ice cream melted on delivery

Deep blue discussion with the sky line

Rippling currents cooling agents of pent up tweeters

enter general sun shades eye level and umbrella


No more tubular chair design a mirror of kitchen popularity

Sporting fashionable hair wear to show latest video

Tight dance swim-wear, groovy on a down beat


Parched dry skin, salt stretched and burning

So rare an opportunity that amputation maybe an option

Singing sea birds at last in acceptable arena

Run a stream of smoothness pass on cool challenges to miscreant drinkers


No heat needed to barbecue bananas

Stone the pressed toe deep, crispy sand dunes buried

Find the darkness between the churning levels inside its stony haven

Returning to the source for people in the water

Quietly inviting

Back to the starting point

Our origin



July 17th


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