Call to arms


2014-07-18 21.47.33-2


Call to arms


Sink the oil chief, to gas up the cracks, to truss up the pockets of private schooled bullies

Where did the bandits come from, whipping the minions bare backed in front of burners

Scorching their underbellies and laughing on buckets of cheap white Chablis

When will we storm the Bastille and free our hearts from misery

Revenge is sweet but lacking wisdom and in this case perpetuates bigness.


When did we give up our noble hearts to these articulate monsters

No longer stealing our possessions instead they have invaded our hearts

A creepy incision into the very function of our desires

Fed by their own illusion that more is perfection

Consistent denial of all people’s beauty

This is just trampled on with a sense of duty

As if it feels from school and later on, that this is right


Rise up misty servants no longer be followers of fashion

The time for blood lust has gone but the energy for transformation is born

Spell the turning point

Spin the doctor

Replace with a qualified practitioner

Respond to the request

Fellow travellers on the blue planet

Stand up dear friends


July 18th


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