Try it


2014-07-18 10.14.30

PAINTED ON 17th July maybe ROBBIN’s close friend DRO THOUGHT-WORTHY

Try it


Battered fish, or bread crumb biscuits

Be not ready, for the meal reality sub station

Pickle your pent up temper

Create river street, bunged up belt, rubber gloved circuit training


Faced by fortune it must be adjusted

Prize given for levelling the garage door

Cars not bothered to travel

Dinosaurs costing so many millions

Jurassic salesman convinced the putrid muscle

Is one to secure a freckled Sunday

Church up the minstrels to quote a demonstrator


Patch up the political abuse of position

All consumed equipment tracking the storm

Busting the belief of limitless decision

Break out the party balloons

Smoke the burnt lobbyist who can’t afford a room


Big brother is hostile to real show; a cover note from the owner

No worries

I understand

Let it go


July 16th


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