Image of melt

2014-07-24 15.52.53-2


Image of melt

Manage mink lovers from police to purgatory, boiled in battering apathy.

Teased from hiding to meet the for-saker, prisoner artefacts screwed to the skull, barely visible crystallised moment of biting revenge.


Escape notice pre supposed night life punctual and resolute in disturbance

Flighty in nature

Smart in communication, a clear screen polish

Hardened material masquerading in torment

Squashed stew principles; lightning before dawn.


Clapping arrival of daytime bloom,

Smudged in pleasantry


Dining out for puppets

No strings attached, just dangling from cords of expectation

Poor parent logic steams open the heart of a youngster.


Designing morals from murals of common response normality

Suck and blow tunes, blue and beautiful in naked heat and honest heart

Strum a jubilee crown with garden feathered delight

Bang a drum to lift the troubled mind

Boast magnificent muscles, hardened folk impressed by flying spectacles


Draw conclusions with minute ticked regularity pouncing on scrupulous war grief-fed widowers

Colour a stencil object and deem remembered

All thoughts of the past projected and modified to suit the environment now


Dapper gentleman hovers nervously to one side, waiting to introduce himself:

the moment of his arrival a past decision that never materialises

Instead the hateful lonely archer shoots mercilessly at the new born butterfly

Catching its wings to destroy continuance

Plenty to consider evolve and chew upon

Grit your teeth and tear flesh from the imagination

Fornicate with fortune and squander the gift of fire


Dandelion wine a medicine a relief to pastures of poor relations

Horizons of punctuated promise

Dotted with uncertainty

A river of regret

Boiling snail’s sweat bubbles and glistens

Catching the eye of chattering gatherers; a tribe of muggers

Grabbing moments that belong to others

Blaming all outsiders

Prune the bush

To grow


July 24th

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