Lady in the plant


2014-07-25 09.39.46

Lady in the Plant

Bleached hair fantasy

Harbouring uncertainty

Further intrigue; fashion


Bold frontal determination clicking the flow of water

Pensive, calculate; present reaction

Protest inside the problems’ grandeur

Scamper readily ahead with bold steps for leading


Tempted by others to fraternise

Family ties tenuously adjusted.

To accommodate change of expression.


Smile at the camera if paid

Lie in poverty consumed rage

Strengthened in volumes by changes in design


Espionage undertaken for sake of zero


End Game dustbin emptied

Wet and soggy rags complemented


Poppy shaped petals tunnelled in visionary shadow

Pleased to meet Jack the biscuit factory digester

Tract open to transform matter to energy


Slip quietly, not noticed a sleep in exhibition

Dead mother honoured between sittings

Grave concerns over digging up memories


Contraptions open to plenty

Flat shell basking in object reality

Pink star matrix shimmering in full glory

Tablets taken to modify plays outcome

Dancing with abandon

Fixed in attempted legal action

To begin expulsion

Evicted labels cut from dresses


Puckered lips adored

July 25th

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