2014-07-26 16.01.39-1



Striking into one

From many pleasing chemical, have or have not, paradise portholes

Triangle ringed, crisp on arrival


Sounds restful, charmingly all mellow screened joyfulness

Mezzanine thought processing anguish through supporting destiny not fresh passion

Rising, pumping revealed expected shadow fall cooling blood flow to limb especially

Calm grey question posed in sequinned masterful precision agony


Trumpet spelled entrance remarkable apathy learnt from relative paint drying extreme normal human activity


In close proximity dangling line green sheet dried instantly,

Not damp pillowed cloth rust removed dry patched exclusive brand mentality

Rustle of brick bat tasty morsel free-spirited titbit

Small searching for wine gums to stick on dashboards

Chewing gum the hair together

Crush the burger in toe nail attached sensitivity


Cook the custard for brown topped cradle rocking scalpel sharpening

Blond swift sailing upwards mirrored in blue sea sky infinity

Warmed generously to serve atrocity with comfort and piece-meal trapped wind grace


Delicate winged ballet danced flower mingled in green orange appealing landscape

Garden gift of fullness spilling into deep desire to procreate a vision for all missing memories to be stored in.

Shameless in quest for roast parapets of peeking over the happiness must be staggered dream story

Deem the trustworthy practise of jumping hoops avoided, messily presented questioning

Seeping through the cloth with juice squeezed with accurately symbolised metaphors


Balance a recipe to shunt pony carrot driven outcome to city living countryside

Breast fed baby chewing margarine fat for mental atrophy

Urges strong to stroke the minstrels’ song for white spirit cleanliness

Spew the fizzy retinue to bucket posed flushing drain blocker.


Terrestrial crust held gravity

Situation maybe scarred or drawn on experience a verification of passed obsessive friends

Diesel drenched trouser legs burnt out in coloured pencil paper folds

Greased finger ma-she a useful crushed mustard powder

Micro mixed up mandolin plucked pastel shaded devil platter

is shattered green and purple pushed through a mesh of idealism

Desperately seeking pancake heaven cooked in grease proof oven glove

A scorching pasted picture of inflection, suggested craving for alcohol an addictive undercurrent


A bee line for pressed sugar cream

Sprayed on Mr Whippy meat flavoured ice lollied craziness

Noise for the sake of bits

Talking medleys of denial

Gesturing a clean bill of health

A ministerial decision to abdicate responsibility

Just grilled for a reasonable presentation

Not a winner and eating champ

Just glutton on barbecued wine.

July 26th



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