2014-07-30 12.30.14



Maps inside lulled and whistled.

Plugged into set adjustment

Craving a Greek style resentment

Leaves of grass, generally implanted

Free of effort in joining chapel opening


Chequered rainbow, smiles shining, space real, mint flavour darling

Lemon splinter fresh curfew, broken testimony proven

A lavender scream, vibrating, space meat, everything seething


Chewing bits of crushed bread compère dinners

Thread the corn cobbed tickets to shuffle the puckered excreted responses

A meaningless yet strangled matinee; playing emotion in tight leather outfits


River, rank in clever pain, screamed delicious, blood reaping blues

Scratched and scathing, crutched in standing room station


Dripping broken near the source

Plastic responsibility

Iron flat

Messed up mistress, legs stretched to pieces

Torn dresses, shaking money bags; worn out stains on grass memories

Rolled in mud hard and crust fixed rigidity.


Given to friends on arrival for identification

Tired extreme,

Shaken foundation

Steel support render

Holding together

Stairways to heaven

Falling mechanic, spanner sandwich spread above him

Fix in glue for stable has a bolted gate to open.

Prize is given to pet boys’ learning

Trumpet javelin spiked in vodka

Pierce the heart of ill defined pitfalls

Turn tail, to be seen, leaving the house-hold

Grouped together in wine shop shutdown


Wash the paper to find an average ego

Hug the hatch-ling to warm the birthright

Move on and accept

The beginning.


July 30th

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