2014-07-31 16.41.02



Train slaves laughing at minutes.

Times the séance

A pitch on the table

A game of testers

Expert, mental.

No sense in pacifying that ungrateful melodramatic far-fetched magazine collector.

Shoot from old guns

Eye up the barrel of monkeys,

slipping into tree sapping packages

A name for that beast implant

A silicon drifter expanding my brain membrane.

Sort of achiever complete, not resting.

Circled by soldiers

Shot in the park bench shadow.

Immense but tiny in compression

A bit of information to slip on;

A real test of thought.


Get out of habit, trapped in motion sickness.

Agitated repeat action, determines the same answer.

Time and again is time definition.

Balsa wood fixer drifts from top window draught,

Floating in cabbage patch;

Meets the insect family,

Snaps in the wind break.

Cry for another, but last one on offer,

Cry together, tears lost in overcoats;

Muffled to keep in the cracks.

Fill up the cavity deprived of spacial cleaning,

dreamt of dreaming,

Not a lot of separate thinking.


Vote for heart clasped genius,

Ratified by growing consensus.

Meant for supper.

Prime cut latitude, eating up the air miles.

Steamed on treacle custard.

Messed up cupboard space, just full of dusty remnants.

Frisk the guard for changing packed box bubble wrap,

For ankle warmers,

Chess played performers.

Sign the cheque mate

To move on general waste recycling plant;

smoking energy plumes,

Scorching powder puffs.

Picked for finger opinion

Dog nation poo-picking bags

Smelled in jacked up ford escort.

A residential estate

Alive with chronic people.

JULY 31st

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