2014-08-01 20.51.57



Trash master up courage, shave a note to catch corrected, buried up till now, emotion.

Spark lace scaffold tender but strong to hold spent team spirit.

Level the field and play until fresh chains are melted

Flick the arrow, shaped rattle grip is easy

Sometime we messed around; embezzled idea, cased in sensitive, twilight timekeeper.

Back to bored, manage the spirited siblings.

Wet the appetite for sniffed out bookends.

Just hold the lobby I smell

Khaki pants whose flow is a mapped up tantrum


Shiny blue light red eye incorporate

Kept in Dorian plate history

Response to courtesy

Straight late chaser, ready for pastel crayon menace

Dealt for cards of invite for pocket prisoner

Shake in dotted three point beat motion

You make a mistake its’ wrong. Beat up thyself, choke, tripped in drains downpipe probe finder

Full vent to melancholy equip the manacled pantomime donkey

Ark out light mayonaise jacketed impresario


More teeth than bunting and surfers on Bondage beach

Stray dogs bite bristle bound courtier

Crunch bones on call rate for unpaid stock holder

Account fact files torn to shreds ; hand down clothes for spent barrister

Wise men draw unicorn milk today if they can find it

Battery chick happens

Smashed to add taste

To last ditch



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