Revere between torrents of vestry blessed birthing pools

Baptising children in marching pyre

Close to paper doll flickering, on fire

Beckon my father to fester with dreaming tantrums


As wicked neighbours juice the life from bestial crucifixion

My very being turned on a spit of street drain putrid waste

The disease that wrenched my children from me

That burnt our wooden city to the ground.


Force of time pushing through particles of existence.

Now thrown in pain in new ways of peril

Jeopardy breathing and living in all ages still

Bodies alive and vibrant then move onto another.


Leaving a shell a carcass of rotting matter

No person just mystery

Rich time the favour of blasting winds, stormed sea and cracking earth

Magma rising to destroy and create new landings and stairs to make way,


For new ages and shapes to contend with

Explore inside

Find the truth



August 4th

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