2014-01-14 14.29.41-1


Rushing towards tremble topped, mundane ravines of gapped, space drink.

Feather full of muscle, given beat machine.

Yelping cream batons for catch up desire.

Propane blast, mack wet pleading range.

Decks in place.

Careful wooden slats

Together in joined masonry.


Royal arrogance flight controller distance parade

All fellow travellers stroke up and down the aisle for blast action

Severe telling on tracing paper impression

Dirty the palm with black mark on white


Filter the colour between shallow moorings of ideal reviews, out of the porthole

Gentle dream apple, clear cluster promenade

A shuffle of sawn stone cheering the sound of the sea.

Much the same as complex rash intrusions, of mean striped, quasi-original bottled gin.

Smash up the ice with tonic slammer

Screen watch the tightness of bubbles.


Don’t mix the grape and groin spread the mind express behind the line

Stick to trench town pincer movement

Hollow warehouse sounds of pleasure reefers

Top of the table border line delivery.


Export under the craft of moon grass linen

Smote the charcoal with burnt, moment to moment.

Dawn spoken, echo pier pressure grizzling’s

Chew as best you can but leave on the side of the dish

Mister mouth wash a gargle of great mission

To flow the chariot driven boxer to the gymnasium

Pump up the balls to bounce uncle Charlie’s mistress

When designed in Hands of lasting summer vine


Twined on trellis for house warming Martin

Blaze away strapping prison cell climate

Sweating solely drenching




August 5th

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