2014-08-07 12.35.05




Cliff face breeze releasing pent up logic.

Free to fly with sea birds shaking the stones,

Waves sanding the dunes and breaking the waters.

To birth a dawn, a passion

Holding, broken, to release the bounty.

Suckling memories attack the shores.


Mis-matched emotions scoring an opinion,

Wrecked question

Slip the present inside the cupboard.

Point the sketch book story

Tell mother daughter remonstration.

Unsure outcome, blood free but murderous content

Discontent a timeless weaver

Punctuated freedom a trend for the future


Symphony of eternal nature

Slip into generous conversation

To meet untold fresh, less comfortable, coffee stacking meeting

Careful colours matching accessoried applications


Covered in actions, coloured in perceptions,

Uncertain but sprayed in salty tasting, rainbow making,

All earrings




August 7th

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