Fixing temper

2014-06-22 14.34.21-1

Fixing temper

Miaow moon ticket, soldier to buy masked meandering.

Cleavage barely smothered, in slash of bruising.

Sucked of glory between covers

More done by numbers.

Questions in smacked injection

Lumping obstruction crushed in sulphur.

Wrench the soft margin, leapt bravely from gravel voice vulnerability.


Scaled in measure to meat the grass machines

Blades flashing, summer sun, bellowed fire.

Trapped in tin boxes, not free to move to grand resort.

Pressed in silver foil and roasted for mess to heaven.


Pin stripe café magnate, rides fold up mistress to station.

Bundles up trouble in old lead lagged, bistro shelter.

To find out posture, in clapped out beamer.


slag heap a residue from digging deep

In prostrate position.

Fingers hammered naked to the fence post of gas man’s kitchen.


Barb tourniquet, blood soaked quicksand moment

A jump onto sharp rocks to tear the heart from mother.

Caravan engulfed in fire burnt, revenge violence

No talk of relief,

just scratched

from existence.


August 9th

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