2013-05-05 07.43.27-1



Passing trumpet blown whispers to lovers craving each other

A glimmer, a light shining through

Coloured dome bites the fallen star,

A pensive flutter of emotions tremble in passive response


Squinting eyes searching suspect’s true intention

Flirt squeezed mix of creased card rejection

Pushed out denture cream pressed in floral patterns

Designs of disguising


No reckoning to dust

A film ever returning, skin dead and fluff,

A crazed arboretum, a plant hire menagerie

All romance receeding in bust sale price reading.


A frank proposal by name insincere

Ball breaking boredom dealt in small town dimension

No beating tension just factual mandate teardrop exploding

Leave kids on rail track crossing

To press home inheritance


Peace in remoteness,

Desert land hopelessness

Best shoes on parade

Twisted melted ice cream pot pleasure


Clever trap set on weather station banner

A signal of muck to rake

Calmly smothered baby checks crying time appointment

Trust the fellow to paint the gallows for the hanging tomorrow


August 10th

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