Frustration Part 2

2014-08-11 21.36.55-1


Frustration – from then to now part 2

Press your me to best the answer be, to mix up people

Reason to be mindful, rescue mind, supple up the receiver

Don’t close the aperture to find the focal magnitude;

kill the flatworm with a chisel head, squash it hard to smother the landing


Men who dig out the sewer gut, stenched in blue ribbon intensity;

Bulging bacteria eating away at tobacco reeking bellows

Falling meat cracked platters smash through slit eye jelly

Men who leave lunches beaten to death in waste bins,

Sauce plastered on forgotten walls for maggots and flies to thrive on

Testing denied in buckets of processed soup tureen wrappers.


Who advertises rubbers to take out lives of pictures

Screwed plasterboard partitions to separate families from families

Corrosion free explosions; table cut demolition at the races

Mists of blood fast frozen on cracked screen polyethylene windows

Seizing up circuits in jelly set cold coagulation.


Wobble up the messed conscientious deceiver

A pain reliever planned in do-it-yourself manual.

Poorly paid up, end of party celebration.

Birth free through a price of dashing decency.


A croupier gamble for break-time, muscle twitched deep diving

To rest the cigarette burnt stolen remains of salary paid on Tuesday

Rolled up notes taken to a crochety old man with habits broken.

Sceptic ulcer bristling with poison; takes over minds’ reaction.


No feeling for plucked breast stroke; who is first to reach the summit

Fly forward whilst dangling shell-fish on nose-hair ’til smarting

Trapped in harvest nest a best forward potion; the man-

who can peel the hook from the teat and toss back into the water-

Toss back into forgiveness

To toss over the bridge of awareness.


Breeze blown, mouth the story to hard of caring.

Wipe the towel with soft mucous still forming

Free the juice into spaces between rafters

Hold up teeth placed in set gum-replacements

Breathe slowly to make up for short time time loss of blessings

Spread the jam with sliced knife; cut to death pleading.


Eye lid turned inside a whispered air bubble popping

Scratch surface with imperfect resin,

Brazen classy missed on secondment

Free to role the casting vote maker.

Money made for master but not claimed by forger

Frustration frothing with no end to it.


AUG 11th



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