2014-08-12 16.28.46



Braced in strong winds, leaning in tandem

Saphire shining pheasant feathers drift in between level eyed dwellers

So, we seem to be gathered

Halting, closure meant to lap up stains

Lever the seamstress though to be calling bound teacher


Small class event for sister’s exhibition

A waving glory passed to driver to follow least liked brother

The one who blew the virtue, lied the stories, left the loved ones.


Dying dealt in digger depth dimension

Heart dug deep and smashed again, finding respite in pickling

Farewell young well hung dictionary dealer

Who rides on surfs’ sharp sword

Who cries between snores

Then bellows in roots down deep

And hollers at strangers’ partners


He chews the door mat not crumbs biscuit

And strokes the feline cover

Bats the cave inside chamber

Chained to whisky, sprung in shoe-shine


Well read when bleeding

He changed prize revolver

For slot sheen disc player

To follow track shoe dinner

With apple squeezed power sanitizer


Drawn to spell the clear for rental health practitioner

File the blame outside system

Praised by Lord dish spinning master

Stick to mandatory

Reduce the spend

Kill the client.


August 12th


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