Storm Desert


2014-08-18 16.30.21

Storm Desert


Wind, whistling wildly across the twinkling, resident parking lot sky

The door clatters; dark gathers a mist of dawns

The hoppers are grassing nervously; scampering, tapping.

Cling, clang the windows and doors are banging

Tumultuous, turning; the arcade is burning

With dreams of muchness

Sea shore waves crashing


Onwards as the clouds muster

Atmosphere acid sharp gut wrenching awareness gathering

The boy watches the night sky close in

Smelling stillness with pores of skin vibrating

Hairs in places stiffly sticking; launching spiked seconds tickling,

Story telling memories sickening.


A baby cries colic grief.

The moth settles into light shade madness fluttering, jingling, shades of cover

Machine cogs clash in distant horizon looming, stripes of mystery marching.

Step down to path

Lean into sound of hearth, scraping the ashes of childhoods glass shards breaking.


Fathers’ absent, flown to desert sands; distant, driven.

No comfort, less alone and frightened.


The rain starts pouring and stones harder smashing screens of apprehension.

Light like flash camera smarts the limelight,

CRASH! BANG! The noise, terrifying beauty, sharp trees of electric intention, earth bound forking,

Rumble forefront shaking shutters with gusts rolling: trust; morning to come


Then calm cool fresh gentle rustling breeze.

Morning Sun and flutter birds expertise

As if nothing had happened

Cold to warm in bed

The boy at last sleeps


August 18th



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