Plastic murder trumpets

Blasting balloon shaped egos

False rabid intrigue

Crack smoke screen branches

Special cheap lies

Investigating messed up places



Glue savoured pitch-boiling buckets

Blood wedding brothers unite in catastrophe

Looking over from belief bunker

Tricked to be clumsy with soft cake menu

Tastily dealt with meanings in breakfast

A quick fried, mucked up dream of sun stripped sixties


A clean breasted break from floods of testicles

Ingenious young touch fiends feel restful and randy

All gone clammy in close walled insulation

Modern raised stick tiles to please the lost patients

Calling card fixtures hooked up on small time hell raisers


Tunnels to draw pictures of male sawn protectors

Junk filled real estate floating on painted rivers

Brush less people bound to be raging

Weed killing spray gun strapped to climate chamber

Wield the hour

Reach for the time

Power up the tool box

Bark at intruders

Rule the distraught dignity

People in sorrow

Burn tonight

August 20th

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