Brag yourself mercilessly across the coals of bleakness

Sweep the bad accent’s finger in wetness

Underbelly infusion quickly mixed, to vacate thinking man’s breast pocket

Surplus arms Hospital to aid chopped up adversary

Special event raises money for poor creatures in wood burner


Drink soup with water and pick teeth from croutons

Blaze the fire hydrant in the hope that smoke will disguise the problem

Sharing used make-up,

Drinking partners smear lipstick on each others mistakes

Press charges against the electrician for earthing the toilet seat with super glue

Cheek to cheek we dance for the purpose to release emerging gasses

Produce the place to rest


A hole different dig for archeologist

Raise the stakes for building friendships between vampires

Mind the excellent wine free buffet, it tastes of a sour atmosphere

Blind men trip on pop up spikes meant for carp ark evaders.


AUG 22nd

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