2014-08-05 18.18.21-1



Warm genial enchanting wisely feathered longing,

Rippling sensual, teasing into languid resting all through, changing moods

Ever certain diverse imaginary vision

Pulse, invent and initiate condition.


Speculate position and elevate a searching passion,

Lasting revelry a chance decision, rendition into transience,

Fleeting sensational intervention

Surely corrected; erected for the stable is bolting.


Horse logic legs well read,

Taught tightly in dreams and currents passing in presence.

Guarding collision, dented incision

A partly eaten bush of widespread opinion


A grey sandy abrasive action, aimed at puzzled policemen.

Sent aggressive, flashing to control tea-break traffic.

Back seat blender crushing organic juices

Flowing into oceans a meeting of sensations.


August 28th

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