Watercolour breakthrough for me. At last getting light and dark and space !!
Watercolour breakthrough for me. At last getting light and dark and space !!



Wild dream like turbulence, channel stripped, all given pastel shady

Storm, dark brown cards of evening, skinned mist and steam underbelly

Nature station lasting and stunned in battered, crunched forgiveness.

Danger inviting embraced heartache, with precious, purring, carressed wonder.


Pale red star sun shimmers as time gives out for nights’ questions

Tortured paste child race for shore with rocks in toe gap agony

Tread no further with seaweed popping, salty juices parting, puffs of air in slime green freedom

Small prints in sand tapping memories.


Walkways and interest in rough band of brass,

Blowing treasure risen candy floss stick, light wood for the spinning machine

Whisker up temples of sweet spider web sickness

Melt in saliva, touch more pleased after sticky mess in sunburnt cracking sugar crust.


Carving attitudes from tar stained visitors

Crude remarks in vest hole deck chair misers

Holiday monday the daughter sews the christening gown

To take the baby in dipping like bread in clear crab soup


Crochet an undergown for hand sized infant

Continue baby grow impermanence chasing salient dreams of family life

A job in the ghetto bolting fridges to prejudice

Slammed genius as wasters


Poor man drinks to seal a promise

To die for the money raised for the baby’s future

To start the rot of hopelessness in ice cream heaven

Beached whale rots when the weather is hot.


August 29th

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