West pile




Blister popping undergrowth in tarnished pot,

Green in copper fashioned history

Blokes parade bronze trapping in transport café tea bag jar

Brandy snap dragon in rolled up scimitar, slices boiled water unexpectedly.


Bellowing mandrake petals absorb chemical pelican beany rag.

Investing bands of gold, bubbling and swathed in impertance

Showing feelings towards nest building complexity.

Brass tuned strings, plucked from the kestrels’ emotive wings

All sounds in hunting persona; mice crept into harbour paranoia.


A sea to taste attraction.

Fact is open to steaming treacles, strange pinched people, monkeys on a string,

Mass of scantily carved dresses torn grievously

Truncated in corrogated mysogony

A man’s world, pants on fire, lier lier, chained to attacking trickery


Slither mercilessly, unperturbed by rubbish filled wagon pickings

Tattoo drawn, to attract thumping head band originality

Fetch a cold treat dipped in wheat free practicality

Who is the dream star sitting next to bucket sack manipulator


Sept 1st

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