Farmyard levitation


2014-09-03 16.02.05

Farmyard levitation


Fallen grace, no thoughts aloud

A purchase, good in meeting

A joint separation.


No caress for fallen soldiers

Just dust mentioned in wind blown remembrance

To file a shadow on stone

Blasted into nothing but fission

A my story magnet attracted emotion.


Grasp a moment for sunken dreams

Floating stock on the market creation

Gun raised on the farmyard heading for the abattoir

Back to middle class meditation.


Priest in flat tunic chokes on garter sandwich

Sucked from a passing porpoise

A well journeyed list of contrary disciplines,

An albatross scooting to find a queen


Perked up coffee to recover from hypothermia

Chilled to the lung tissue with no arms, to warm the parking fine

Lost can’t see the hidden alleyway, full of smelly cats and vagabonds

A tranced disc doctor twists the barbers coat tails, for recognised reasons.


Predators in babycham fashion, drawn to curtains sewn in lace and comfort

As young ones gasp at flowing breath tremors

Heighten the expectation in blasted chamois leather cleaned fender

Pull out the ten teeth of dictate

Lead by the bleeding masses.


Sept 7th

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