Hapless Farm


My first watercolour on A2 size paper. Also not pressed paper so new experience for me
My first watercolour on A2 size paper. Also not pressed paper so new experience for me

Hapless Farm

Rangoon patchwork slapped in pickling jar,

Dram secured in prison

Locking decision fails in genorosity

Given to trusting waiting games.


Slush grief reeking of home made biscuits

A sweet mix me toes for rabbits,

Hopping mad with paw in house doorway

A lapse in concentration, a black avenue

A hold up performance piece.


To rig shirt tail logic

Grabbing thoughts before they’re bandaged

Crash land for carvery a respectful package

Cut into bite size chimneys

Burst the lapwings fall, for the sake of conservation

A beautiful avian end of time attraction.


Bin full of cash to lever the doormans’ fancy.

Puke Presidents’ mantel, allow for C.I.A. to dig up the White House

Sewer plucked entrails munched as a fingerless buffet.


A car run in danger with pies as spark plugs

Exploding portions clutch to sponge

Use the gear to fix the outcome

Jam the steel in vein to suck the white cells for prejudice

Mice the test on drug rotated hamster wheel

Get the coal train to track the tramps’ servitude

Frack the kidneys to cover up for mechanised overhaul.


Bang the sleeper for lying in time; slitting stomach cramps

Vibrating arteries mix and match the pompous deceiver

The Mister Nun in cassock tight and trouser stained innocence.


Plunder piles of anti-freeze for clearing window sills

Bury the pretty flowers in death traced songs

Scrub through maternity check while practising your scales

To tune up your instrument don’t tune yourself down

Pluck the seeds of sown trumpet spit.


The shake in a bottle breaks the sound chariot

A charge of dark cloister gang mistaken genocide

Destroy the deal in hindsight

An orchard of lies


Sept 26th

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