Then he felt a sucking drawing
Then he felt a sucking drawing


Jess opened his eyes to see BRAVERY in bright green letters on a tea shirt. He was lying on a bed that wasn’t his. There was a tall kind man holding his hand, “ Well done young warrior”, the man said. “ You had us all really worried the last few days! Now don’t talk, you’ve got to rest: no questions just sleep and gradually recover.”

Although confused, Jess felt calm, he didn’t have a clue what was going on but just looked out of the hospital window. He knew straight away from the feeling of antiseptic and the clean machine feel about the place; apart from the fact that it was bright but not from flashes. Hospitals always seem to be bright and you get told to rest. Ironic really, why not turn the lights out. Of course they are not likely to have dirty carpets and overflowing bins for health reasons. Anyway he felt unusually calm, outside the window was a sort of yellowish colour like street lights or night lights. He heard ne nor ne nor an old fashioned police type siren. Every now and then emergency services dig out an old van, when there’s loads of stuff going on I suppose. Budget constraints, now with these sirens he expected that he was in the UK probably, although maybe Europe, but doubted if it was outside Europe.

Jess recalled the storm from earlier and the armchair. He had been fine then if not a little shaken by the storm, now he couldn’t really move and quite pleasantly didn’t even feel like he really wanted to. There was a clatter and metal jingling sound, he sensed someone else in the room besides the man and the tea shirt. Suddenly a nurse in blue with a fob watch attached to her uniform briefly looked into his eyes. She had neat brown straight hair and a small exacting face. There was a soft calming look in her eyes, she seemed genuine not harsh. He felt she was comfortable in her work and immediately felt reassured. He sensed recognition but did not know why he should. “Ah the brave young boy has come back to us. Don’t you worry little one we will look after you.”

Why wasn’t he in a panic. Surely he thought to himself this could be like a nightmare but the truth was he was himself and he was safe and warm and interested if not able to do anything. It was an experience, was this a dream. It all seem totally real but he felt sure that it must be a lucid dream. He had heard about these on the telly; how you can train yourself to dream incredible things and control them at will. He was musing on this thought when the nurse starting jangling again. She turned a tap on top of the metal stand that was next to his bed. Jess felt a warm feeling in his arm where he realised a tube was inserted. This was followed by a deep sense of well being.

TRING TRING TRING TRING TRING TRING TRING Jess shook as the alarm clock was rattling in his senses. He clambered out of the chair and staggered towards it. The 1950’s style Alarm clock with two bells on the top of it, was placed far enough away to make him get out of bed. Jess got out the chair and without thinking went straight into the shower. His bathroom didn’t have a bath. There was a shared one but at least his room had a shower, some of them didn’t.

He tried not to think about a dream; the dream or what who knows, not got time to worry now got to get train he thought in monosyllables.

To be continued

October 18th

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