Lazy Luck

The window of my studio sort of
The window of my studio sort of

Lazy Luck

Seeped into bated breath blender for mixing tricks

Proper respect for hen night glamour

A similar increase in bar bell duties

Shake the ice container, juggle the tips.

Save the small change for the whale bone player

Stood on a barstool, stirring trifle soufflé.

A soft portion to slip into something more revealing

A crease to dangle the digit in

Practise throwing tissues in the waste paper jar

Screw up the lid to stop the juice dripping.

Barking orders from Luton top van driver

Laminate the pictures to give to grandma

Pierce the lid so that air can stink of rotten apple fur

A grizzly result but who cares about animal insurance.

Slide petrified children down the helter skelter

All cheering candy floss tears of chocolate

Mean to say no to nuns of a different border

Juice the paper cut punter instead of thanking

Blister pack the mince pie maker in cellophane

Who gives a bellicose waiter.

Oct 19th

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