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He had to get this train. Jess definitely had no time to ponder what he thought might be going on. His kidneys were aching, he thought because of the rough and peculiar nights sleep coupled with a probable lack of fluids. Drinking water was not his favourite passtime and he had his doubts about the tap water in the bedsit anyway. In fact he had his doubts full stop. That was why he was trying to leave; the place was a rat hole. A mask against reality, a deluded hiding pit for the forgotten few. While he was damning himself he bent forward so the supposedly powerful power shower massaged his neglected water purifiers while he assessed his next move, what to wear as the storm was still pretty awesome. He had booked the train so it would be cheaper; the consequence of being late was unthinkable.

A shrill whistle like a full time ref at Old Trafford made Jess jump as the platform manager was standing right next to the carriage window that he was looking out of. He liked to look out just before departing. It gave him a feeling of drama, a reactionary grounding, not just a placid acceptance. Jess was a romantic, impatient and daydream expert. Moments of grandeur and fantasy often penetrated his somewhat dull persona. He found life generally boring, and had failed to hold down a job for longer than a few months. A sort of arrogance, petulance and inability to grow up really. The time had come to change and this journey was a cause for this to happen he hoped.

On departing from London he imagined being the hero in the Railway Children or the protaganist in the Great Train Robbery. Quite soon though, having all but forgotten about his experience the night before, he had read the paper and found an article that got him thinking. Parallel universes could exist. Jess aloways took interest in sensationalist science. The headline usually was much more exciting than the content, but on this occasion the content lived up to the headline. Physics was on the verge of breaking through with its understanding of how the Universe worked.

The train for this part of the journey was probably one of the oldest on the line, so there was a bit of swaying and a click clack cliché performance. Jess seemed to be sitting in the part of the train that every now and then sunk like a rollercoaster and of course the storm was still raging. At times he thought the sway may go to far.

The journey soon reached the Midlands by which time Jess’s mood had become sullen and grey like the weather. He felt that someone had turned the colour off, it was misty and monochrome. He couldn’t seem to focus on anything and became hypnotised by the train track. Clickey clack Clickety clack Clickety clack……

Jess, wake up, we’re nearly home.” He felt a seat belt pulling at his arm. Plantain trees lined a green sunny wide road with massive houses set back behind the trees.

To be continued

October 19th

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