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OK I guess we need to explain what is going on Jess” the military man said. Jess nodded still unable to speak. He was a bit worried what might come out even if he did try to say anything. He had been told to rest and so kept quiet as a preferred option.

Thing is you might find this a bit hard to believe, but it’s time you understood what’s happened.” Suddenly the man who had been accompanying him rushed into the garden and quickly and forcefully interrupted, “Just hold on there General, the boy’s just come home. Please give him sometime to recover he hasn’t even managed to speak yet.” Jess felt pleased he had kept silent also he was beginning to have some feelings about this guy. He didn’t know what they were apart from some sort of recognition.

Then clickety-clack clikety-clack he was looking out the window of the train again. What’s real what’s not What’s real what’s not. Like a film and he was the star, the protagonist but this time was it a daydream. All filmed in the first person; a camera in his head, edited and presented in his consciousness, his senses being fractured and tested. He essentially was always himself it was just that everything around him kept changing; he felt at ease when he shouldn’t. This was a recurring theme of the day and the previous night. Why is it when faced with really difficult situations a person who is normally nervous, poor at sleeping, introvert and usually alone; why calm???

Jess, Jess are you okay? I told the General it was too soon.” as that man spoke he felt himself being gently lifted into a bed. Now this bed brought back some feelings that were attached to feeling safe and at home. A recognition in his heart; so this is home, is it? He looked around the room from his pillow and saw posters of baseball stars scattered, some of the signed, about the wall. The room continued the Spanish theme and was really plush. Then he saw images in his mind; images again like an HD show reel from his favourite movie, his movie. He was standing amongst a load of excited kids in the middle of a stadium; they all had sporting kit on with some girls jumping about with fluffy balls and short skirts with slits down the side. Everyone seemed to have a painted tan and the sun was shining.

Why are you so bloody impatient Gerald, it needs time for fucks sake” by now Jess recognised the voice of his his friend. “Look Gary, we still don’t know who or even what we are dealing with, this might not be Jess now and we need to figure that out as soon as possible, it’s a matter of urgency.” Jess now new the names of the two men he had encountered.

Gary? More feelings more recognition, his smell, his hearing his touch as he became aware of them he realised this was too real to be a dream.

OCT 23rd

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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