Watercolour from a few weeks ago ,......
Watercolour from a few weeks ago ,……



It was all too real to be a dream, but then again the brain is a powerful tool. It is said that generally human beings only use a fraction of its potential. Jess was certain sure that his must be on full bore, burning rubber, firing on all cylinders, at the least pretty lively to be able to present the situations he was witnessing. Of course a lot of the images he was familiar with or could conjure I expect, and also he knew that if he woke up and waited the absurdity of the whole story could soon become apparent. He listened as the two men outside his bedroom door were still talking about him.

He’s alive Gerald and that is the most important factor at the moment. He needs rest at least for a short while. If he does come back, our Jess that is, we just can’t say what he has witnessed, what trauma. I want to be there for him. Two weeks ago he was gone.” Gary was audibly emotional and Jess felt the power of what he had just said.

However, all joking apart, what the hell did they mean. Suddenly another nurse appeared and started to do some checks on Jess; he knew these ones, quite standard stuff, check pulse, ooh maybe he’s got two hearts like the Doctor or his ears are now growing pointy like Mr Spock or they are waiting for a full moon to catch him as he grows all hairy and starts howling. When she finished and went through one of the other doors Jess sat up and caught himself in a mirror; yes mmm young painted on tan dark hair; the shock was a reason to break the self imposed curfew. He let out an involuntary gasp and then realised that his voice had not broken yet. The door burst open and there was Gary; Jess quickly shrunk into the bed. He was now officially freaked out.

Jess, hang in their kid. Look do you remember me yet. You should do I’ve looked after you since Mum and Dad died five years ago. I’m your big brother Gary.” Gary stared into Jess’s somewhat hesitant eyes.

This is a dream isn’t it?” Jess finally said in a falling falsetto and definitely with an American lilt. “ Not exactly, but it’s complicated. Like I said its important not to rush kid, it is serious and real tricky.” Gary looked like he didn’t really want to say anymore. Jess had worked out that he genuinely cared for him. He really found it strange that a dream could be intense like this. Not exactly Gary had said, implying that it is a sort of dream.

Then wallop; it felt like he was pulled really fast, no form, jelly-like, amorphous, no breathing, just am, just being, just many but few, terrible and amazing then bang, back on the train clickety-clack clickety-clack. Jess sobbed real hard; he was on his own in the same place he had been, grey day looking out the window. He remembered his brother, mum and dad but who was he now, was this a dream. His life had gone from boring to bizarre, the train rocked heavily on the tracks and a huge clap of thunder quickly followed a blinding flash. Jess staggered to the nearby toilet and was violently sick, the train rocked the thunder clapped the lightning flashed. When his stomach calmed down and after minutes of contemplating the metal tube of a toilet, wondering how and where his innards and been transported; Jess returned to his seat. His phone rang at first he didn’t want to answer it.

Jess, Jess is that you???”

To be continued

October 23rd

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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