Chapter One closes a silver candle burns a balloon with sunshine
Chapter One closes a silver candle burns a balloon with sunshine


Jess wake up, please wake up”, a now familiar voice implored.

Gary was talking quietly but forcefully, whilst gently shaking Jess whose eyes snapped open. He felt somehow different again. Deeper, touching a source, a reckoning, an origin, again accompanied by a deep sense of calm. Intellectually however he was hyper alert, there was no sense of having been asleep, no serotonin drowsiness; he was ready to respond, he felt trained for his situation. No reason why though he thought; totally random his daydreaming tendency was finally getting the better of him. Maybe his sister in the other environment knew something after all. It did seem that just maybe there was communications going on beyond what was normal……. What’s normal….?

Look, we’ve gotta move away from here and get you somewhere safe. I don’t think we can stay here now.” Gary spoke and started to look inquiringly into Jess’s eyes. This at last initiated a response from somewhere deep that shocked Jess a bit, “Gary look at me, what is it and why?”

Gary looked into his eyes for a while, in fact for what felt like an eternity. Jess felt emotion welling up from deep within, in fact much deeper than he ever imagined possible. The feelings felt like a massive surge of pure green cold sparkling water or a fresh breeze blasting away stuffy air. Gary’s eyes filled with tears while he was still locked into his brothers’ eyes, “Jess when you leave us, it is like you die; your life goes away, from what I know as your body. We have to put you on a life support system. Your body is still working but there is nobody home. Then I just wait, I can’t sleep I am just by your side; this has been going on for a long time. At times it seemed like you had returned but it is only in the last month that we have really got to a point where these moments are giving us any hope. We have tried to keep this from you because we didn’t want to give up. Now I know its you I can see your heart. I love you Jess.” Gary sobbed and tears streamed down his now red cheeks.

Jess was in touch with a self that he had never known. It was deeply wise and strong and ancient, “Look Gary I am here now and I can feel you.” Jess gazed into his eyes, “Gary, feel my life it’s you who needs to understand the truth.”


To be continued

CHAPTER TWO The Knowledge coming real soon Thank you for reading

October 25th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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