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CHAPTER TWO/part one The Knowledge

Jack looked out over the harbour. It was a bright sunny day, it was only occasionally cloudy, and when it was it was best to stay well tied down; as the rain could be torrential. He liked it this way, changeable weather upset his work and that was his passion. He managed to work from home now because he had established himself as a leading proponent in his scientific field. He found the view across his veranda inspiring, lots of people flying on the back of speedboats, water skiing jet skies and the like. He found the movement invigorating for his mind although he wouldn’t partake himself.

His work was all about connection but the sheer volume and intensity of his focus could easily take him away from everything and everyone. In fact he could become incredibly absorbed to the point of forgetting he was human. It was a weakness in his character and he’d paid the price in the past emotionally; so the setting for his life was a balance, he’d trained himself to stop work and at least connect with the surf in the harbour.

In his field he was enigmatic, powerful, passionate and a visionary, but in social recreation and relationships he was missing some basic skills, maybe because he was a genius; there was absolutely no question about that.

Jack had already contributed to the changing face of scientific research. Through his work in neurological science he had developed systems where experts no longer needed to rely on the narrow world of funded institutions to advance their work. He had helped and advised a countless number of colleagues how to work at distance effectively. His IT skills outstripped any that had been seen before, he was incredibly gifted and was able to use parts of his brain that had never really been used by anyone before.

So to his research. Jack had convinced the government and won their approval to try and tap the most important resource on the planet, human beings. Now he refers to the mind, not brain, because the resource he is tapping into is the whole human being and its activities. He started on a one to one basis with individuals, developing a system to tap the unused power of the mind, with the aim of and evolving an origin intelligence, like a mining exercise into the hidden treasures of the universe.

To be continued

October 25th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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