Halloween Heat

In a spirit of horror !!
In a spirit of horror !!

Halloween Heat

Partly scene and seen a party of tea swilling magical hat murderers,

Staggering sliced and wicked chair beaten, a talking bush rare bit,

White rabbit rabid with blood queen jagged

Piece of truth lost in Eton, a school of belicose beasts

On each other they feast.


Fetching new starters and administering strange myths

Magic gifts, resident evil, paradox delight

A whisper, black wing chisels an enterprise for unsuspecting baby face

Streaming terror runs river grave

Fill in whilst waking the vessel entrenched

Corpsed invalidate without desecration.


Starved and lacerated, carved in eternal agony

Triple toed toad boiling stew of witches

To feed to the eggs of black eyed demons

Fork through organ, supply last casket

Down a black hole from small to large monsters

Chew on trampled livers, of shopkeepers tantrum.


Back born burning in boiling metal cannisters

Screen splinters chipping parts from the retina

Slack tack strangling the life from a teddy

Dolls china head smashed and shards deep in artery driven

Pasty caterpillar hooked on smack a given

Nightmare on scar face a machine gun explosion.


Fist bite a penury, fly in tomb opening

The merchant incased in shrinking box

While nails hammered in skulls resonate

Hearts grow like crimson, till splitting chest cavity

Raw skin peeling in heat for eternity

Rubbed in salt until tears pour outwardly

Acid bored teeth pain ripping gums an urgency

Knees drilled with blunt diamonds, then holes filled up again


Slide down to drown then brought out for more

Scratched spine pain a loop hung on kerosene

Buried alive

In yourself


October 27th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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