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CHAPTER TWO/part two The Knowledge

Annette came back from her early morning fitness routine. This was a well balanced routine along the harbour walkway. Mainly running but actually Netty had a unique combination of exercises specifically designed to open her sensory organs to their optimum. She needed to be on top form for her work with Jack.

Netty was a vital partner in Jack’s work and her driving motivation was a love for human beings and their creative potential. Jack had a knack for drawing huge ideas out of the cosmos, but essentially was a sociopath. Netty knew him well and loved his genius. She was also there for him. They had met during their years at University and extensive PHD research projects. It was then that Jack started his journey. He thought that if energy can’t be destroyed and life is energy, what happens when the body dies. Netty was researching what happens when the creative impulse emerges; where do new ideas come from?? So they met and worked together and without this partnership the incredible discoveries that had been uncovered could not have been achieved.

Netty at first used Jack as a subject for her research. She noted how astonishing his imagination was and how that had led to real scientific advances. This different way of thinking, not just outside the box but like a flowing through thoroughness of thought. Netty introduced the notion or reality of the whole human activity being a key part to the mind. The whole human life is the mind.

So Netty having come back from her harbour training, made some coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice and joined Jack on the veranda.

So evolving is a progress, why are we evolving, it’s a question, a debate its a menagerie of concepts and ideas; the minute an idea is reasoned it becomes a statue.” Jack started already working forever searching, researching.

To be continued

October 25th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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