My first Oil on canvas sea scape. I am painting whilst writing the ETERNAL D.. So must be related mmm I think !!
My first Oil on canvas sea scape. I am painting whilst writing the ETERNAL D.. So must be related mmm I think !!

CHAPTER TWO/part three The Knowledge

Jack started already working forever searching, researching.

Well its obviously complex, especially as humans seem to look at evolving as improving.” Netty signed inverted commas

Yes actually that’s very tricky because the only way we maintain our reasonable lifestyle is because we are expected to make improvements is it not.” Jack signing a touché set of commas. They laughed as Jack finished by saying that Blake was coming this morning for the one to one connection with the console. Netty nodded and made her way to the shower room, “I’ve got plenty of work to do, Jack so see you later”, and she blew him a genuine loving kiss. Jack had a text to say Blake was a couple of minutes away.

Jack had sessions with most of the group. It was about three weeks before the team experiment was planned. He was generally adversed to linear thought processes; actually the truth was he just didn’t operate in a straightforward way. This had always proved to be natural for Jack, since he was consistently successful it had generally become accepted.

This day would be Blake’s session. He was Jack’s oldest friend. In fact he had really helped Jack in the darker days. Blake was a deep and thoughtful man, with an extraordinary inner wisdom. He would just look, maybe say nothing but in his dark hypnotic beautiful brown eyes you could tell his thoughts were on fire. He just lacked confidence in the areas that Jack excelled in. So they were a great compliment for each other as friends.

Blake followed Jack into the studio and they set straight to work. Jack started,” Blake, I’m going to try and ramp things up a bit tonight. It’s important that if anything weird happens over the next couple of weeks, let me know straight away. Please don’t worry it maybe a result of the heightening of your sensory organs. This is subliminal and to be honest that’s why we are experimenting.

Of course we need to find things out before we try to expand any further. Is that OK?” “Of course Jack, I am honoured and also still keep a journal. I will speak to you direct if it is something major, but if minor I can refer to the rest of the team during the conference sessions.” “Great thanks my friend, as you know the unified thought thing is really important; I am so glad I have you guys helping. To be honest I don’t get it and wow what a bummer it would be to screw your own project!” They laughed together.

To be continued

October 25th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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