Continuing a sea theme I have always lived by the sea
Continuing a sea theme I have always lived by the sea


CHAPTER TWO/part four – Blakes Session The Knowledge

What a bummer it would be to screw your own project!” They laughed together.

The whole approach towards the research was spontaneous. It had to be free, no plans, no reasons, new logic, a flow not to be stemmed by formalities. The process constantly emerging as life does. Jack and Netty had painstakingly assembled over many years, a set of participants they could absolutely trust with their lives. This was not for the faint-hearted. Also the mix of individuals was crucial to its success.

At the moment there were six who were all fully committed and open and honest about how they felt every step of the way. Jack and Netty had grown to love their group. The whole team, included them, felt like a Knowledge Tribe who looked out and cared deeply for each other.

Jack had developed the system for research pretty well himself. He had seen most or the team at this point. Blake was going to follow the same procedure with Jack. This was primarily to test the connection between the self or individual holistic mind through a hardware device built into a bracelet. Jack and Netty took a great deal of care on their design of experimental devices. The importance of everyone feeling at ease gave the best results.

Human beings they discovered respond well to a clear and inspiring environment to work in. The studio had big windows overlooking the beautiful harbour. Netty encouraged everyone to notice the changes in light, the tides the colours the sunshine. All of these influences made this a very attractive activity and heightened the teams ability to be open hearted. This would also help with the initiation of vibrant dialogue about all sorts of issues. The team were certainly not of all the same political leaning and had expertise in all manner of different disciplines.

Today was Blake’s session it shouldn’t take long and his briefing would be the same as the rest of the team, but he was going to try and move Blake about onto different connection nodes. He was developing increased processor power for the limiting machinery, that he had to rely on so far in the process.

Jack asked Blake to sit at the glass table and motioned to the mound in front of him. As part of the decision making, red buttons were a no no; red sent old school messages. Blake knew that he just need to gently rest the palm of his hand on the mound if he at any-time felt uncomfortable.

Blake was ready and had the bracelet on his left wrist. Jack passed the palm of his hand in front of the large screen that gradually displayed a beautiful 3D image that had discernible points highlighted. One of them glowed, “That’s you Blake; now I am going to move you about the nodes a few times. I haven’t done this before but it needs to be functioning for the group work in a couple of weeks.” Jack moved his hand and the highlights moved with it.

After a few circuits Jack said,” Brilliant, thanks my good friend. That’s has really helped as I suspected I need to get some more processing in this dinosaur machine before we do the big experiment.”

They casually left the studio had a bit of time together, but having both got busy schedules and being fully aware of the preciousness of time Blake left. Jack went shortly afterwards to go and collect a whole bundle of graphite processing chips.

To be continued

October 27th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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