Queens Park luvvly
Queens Park luvvly


CHAPTER TWO/part five – Blakes Dream The Knowledge

Blake lived with his wife Jane not far away from Jack and Netty. They had grown up mainly knowing Netty. Then they met Jack in the University years. Blake and Jane had been together as long as anyone could remember and were devoted to each other. It was incredible to witness really, very seldom do you come across such a compatible couple. They could read each other like a book.

Team agreement came quite early on in the project that no couples except Netty and Jack of course would go the experimental stage. Netty and Jack were overseeing really it was the six who participated. Quite often Netty would not be present as she was engaged in arranging a lot of the paperwork and record keeping in the background. It was important for them to be as transparent as they could be. Everyone was aware that they were venturing into a field of discovery hitherto uncharted. It was important that the level of support was intimate as well as pro-active in the group arena. Apart from anything else Blake and Jane had just become parents for the first time with a boy they called Gerald after Blake’s father. This made the decision very much easier to understand.

About ten days passed as Jack was working on the hardware in preparation for the group experiment. Jane was up feeding the baby on the four hour cycle when she felt kind of strange; later she couldn’t put her finger on it, but she felt something was happening. She went back to bed with Blake after the feed and she just couldn’t settle but sort of drifted into a semi sleep. She woke with a start and felt certain that Blake wasn’t there. She still can’t fully explain it and she didn’t look next to her. She agrees this is really weird, but she got up to go and see what Blake was doing in the middle of the night. It, as it was most summer nights, warm and so she went out into their yard where they had their own studio. She sat on the porch and felt real peace inside and stared and the bright moonlit and starry sky. The vision was glorious and she felt a real connection with life and the universe. She didn’t know how long she was there. Eventually she went back to bed not worried anymore and found Blake was indeed in bed. A few hours later it was feeding time again. Blake sat opposite Jane and told her about his dream.

Jane, I felt like I was sucked somehow from my bed; it was like I, how can I describe it, I fell to bits but I still had a sense of self, then I was re-assembled. I was in a dark place with one hell of a storm going on. As you know storms are storms we have plenty of big ones, but this was somewhere I didn’t recognise. It was so real; I thought maybe it was London. Anyhow it was pouring with rain with thunder and lightning; the clap followed the flash real quick. I walked under this tunnel where a few people were sheltering. I remembered what Jack had said, you know I told you after the experiment the other week. I remembered about the sensory organs being hyper sensitised, but apart from that I felt like it was OK anyway. I walked out of the tunnel and looked up and just as I did a light came on in this window above me. I was immediately attracted to a young man who was looking out. He didn’t notice me, he was probably looking at the lightning that was flashing every few seconds. Thing is Jane it was like I know this man. A feeling, it was strong uncanny but I know that man for a reason Jane.”

Jane told Blake about her strange feelings and sitting in the yard so they both agreed that they would go and see Jack and Netty as soon as possible.

October 29th

Thanks for reading so far just realised its time for a short Chapter 3 

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014


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