The ETERNAL DISTANCE series CH 3 part 1

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CHAPTER THREE/part one – Beach boy – THE VISITING

The sea rustled in the stones, a sort of sobering and calming tone. It was then sucked out from underneath and Jess’s toes drifted in the sand. It was warm and late evening, the deck chairs were disappearing. Gabrielle his sister shouted, “ Jess come on, we got to go now.” So he attempted the walk up the bank of stones. He couldn’t believe how some people could race up with these rocks digging in the souls of their feet. Every step was agony for him. Now and then he would collapse on all fours his eyes beginning to fill with tears. The only way to do this was to wear shoes he thought. He’d spent a long time shuffling down to the sand as the tide was going out, not thinking of the arduous trek he was taking now. Gabby was standing by their Dad who had been putting the chairs away and they were laughing at Jess’s drunken waver up the beach.

His dad finally took big strides down to pick up his son. They needed to go and give the money to the man in the white box by the car park. Things were easier then, for cars anyway, as there weren’t many around. They picked up some fish and chips to have at home and another glorious sunny day came to an end for a tired young Jess.

Jess had a brother too who was much older and fairly recently gone away to work. This was great for Jess because it meant he had bunk beds to himself. He didn’t quite have the courage to sleep on the top one yet; he had a notion that he might roll over, and crash, broken neck no more Jess. As he thought of this he winced and imagined the cracking sound of his neck snapping.

Mum ran him though the bath routine pretty sharp. She seemed a bit harsh especially with the towel, like it was her way of venting some frustration. Maybe she was worried and annoyed at how tired her baby was, a bit young to be all day in the hot sun. Jess wouldn’t have missed it for the world, and of course it gave Peg some time to sort out the garden that she loved so much. So after Jess was rather brutishly dried his mum covered his extremes in cream and had him tucked up in no time.

Jess went straight to sleep and all was quiet until he heard a voice in the dark.

October 30th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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