Roehampton Uni a Lime tree I think????
Roehampton Uni a Lime tree I think????


CHAPTER THREE/part two – secrets – THE VISITING

Jess went straight to sleep and all was quiet until he heard a voice in the dark.

Don’t be afraid Jess.” a soft purring voice caressed his senses. It felt to the young boy like a visit from a beautiful mermaid maiden gently stroking his hair. How could he be afraid, “I’ve come to see if you’re calm and happy.” the sounds in Jess’s small head were like beautiful pipes and songs all mixed in to make words he could understand. “I’m happy today because I have been on the beach with my dad.” Jess genuinely muttered.

I know,” the voice said, “I just need to tell you something, there’s no need to remember what I say because you will deep down anyway.” Jess thought a bit, “Can I see you?” he asked, “Not today, I am talking to you from a long way and into your mind. Jess, stay calm there is really no reason for you to be afraid, you are an eternal being.”

Jess felt the voice leave. He couldn’t sleep much and his dad was quietly scolded the next day for getting the little one over tired. Everyone knows that when you’re too tired, that’s it you can’t sleep. Jess didn’t tell his mum about the voice because he would probably be told he was imagining all of it and that he shouldn’t be going to the beach on hot days anymore.

The only person Jess told was his sister and of course what did she do; yes of course, told his mum. Actually the summer went on and I think Jess’s mum was well used to young children and their rich imagination. There were no more voices or anything strange that summer.

Jess was really upset with his sister though, and no one else really knew why.

November 2nd

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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