The ETERNAL DISTANCE series CH3 part 3

Burning cypress
Burning cypress


CHAPTER THREE/part three – burning – THE VISITING

Gary had lost all sense of himself. It seemed that his exhausting time, over many months of bedtime victuals with his kid brother, had taken their toll. He felt like his life had been put into a psychedelic tumble drier and his reality had been hung out to dry and the two just refused to meet. It seemed that now the crisis seemed to have passed all the resistive chemicals in his being had decided to take a vacation. He felt like an official space cadet, a floating rampart without a shore, definitely a sandwich without a picnic hamper.

Jess seemed a bit more stable or maybe it was just that Gary was getting used to his new self. He can say for certain that he is his brother but there is more. It is the depth of his eyes that Gary can’t fathom. Deep chasms, bottomless pits, endless caverns; every time Gary looked into his brothers’ eyes he sensed ancient, old truths that felt they had been established long before life on earth even. Gary would cry but like with happiness. At first he thought it was because of relief that Jess was there. Now he began to wonder. HE tried to stop labelling his feelings, just let go. Sometimes a few minutes felt like huge amounts of time.

Gary sort of wanted, wished, well it was like he’d had a taste of the mystery and this had somehow corrupted or tainted on a deep level, his view on life. Some days he seemed to drift through the day without having the faintest notion of what was going on.

He went into see Jess, it was a Saturday morning, and Gary liked to get the boy out. “Jess, shall we get off to the beach at the harbour now?” he asked. Jess looked calmly at him and said in a matter of fact way, “We can’t Gary it will be closed there is a fire this afternoon on the island.”

Now Gary knew Jess could now and again come out with some strange comments but not spooky seeing into the future stuff. Straight away Gary thought maybe they could go, but before he could almost think Jess said, “No one will be hurt Gary, it’ll be a natural thing, just means that it will be really unpleasant on the beach today that’s all. It’s the weather, I get a sense of, storms in particular; I don’t know why I can feel them. Nobody knows about this yet that’s all.” Gary tried to look calm, but again he deeply felt inside that he had been taken apart, his emotional being shaken to the core.

Jess was right, within an hour the sky was black and purple, then came the thunder and lightning. The old cypress on the island in the bay got hit and burned through the evening but it didn’t spread, just made the air thick with acrid smoke that covered the beach.

November 3rd

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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