The ETERNAL DISTANCE series CH3 pt 4

Finished this oil a couple of days ago. Really painting a lot and writing between drying times. So happy to be creative
Finished this oil a couple of days ago. Really painting a lot and writing between drying times. So happy to be creative

CHAPTER THREE/part four – stop over – THE VISITING

A few years passed by and Jess had spent most of his time alone, Gabby completely consumed with a variety of guys. Jess met some of them but the peer pressure was just too much for him. They were always trying to prove something and Gabby was quite a good looker and generally had these guys wrapped around her little finger.

Jess had just moved into the big school. Comprehensive education had arrived a couple of years before, so big school meant that he was getting taller and had to wear a uniform, have a case for his books and yep more peer pressure. He made a few friends fairly quickly and was slightly above average in his educational ability, but had a continuing issue with concentration, day dreaming. A friend of his called Tom was due to leave the school and go to live in another country although Jess had never thought to ask where and I don’t think Tom was overly interested at that time either.

Tom asked if Jess could stop over for the night as he was leaving; they stayed up later than normal and it was the weekend. Tom’s parents had plenty of cash and so were able to let Tom almost have his own apartment. This meant they listened to music until the small hours. Prog’ rock was all the rage then and so they listened to some pretty intense German stuff. It was cool to burn jostiks and candles whilst “spacing out” to the music; a pre cursor to Jess’s dope smoking era that was yet to begin.

In the middle of one of these albums suddenly everything went quiet and the room filled with a hypnotic orange light. Jess kind of knew that there was no point in reacting as this was his experience. There was something he almost remembered when that voice spoke again after all that time,” Jess, one day you will need to remember what I told you Jess. You are eternal and this is part of your journey; your identity is with everything.” The orange light went and the music continued. Jess felt a deep calm and felt a connection. He wasn’t going to say anything to Tom as he reckoned that he thought him to be a bit unbalanced anyway.

Tom did say when the music stopped, “Jess that was creepy, for a moment I thought you had left the room.” “Wow weird “Jess said, but left it at that not wishing to suffer like he had with his sister.

November 5th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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