The ETERNAL DISTANCE series CH4 pt 1


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CHAPTER FOUR/part one – Together – QUESTIONS

The time had arrived for the first attempt at the collaborative plug in and group meeting with the E.O.I. Jack and Netty had been working towards this for years. It wasn’t going to take long but it would without doubt be the start of a new era. Jack had his hopes for success obviously but was prepared to have issues. The technology was new and this was just the beginning. This could open up the rest of his life’s work. Netty was getting the studio ready; cleaning up all the bits and pieces that were scattered about the place. Jack had worked tirelessly to upgrade the computer equipment and that had not been without obstacles.

So it was two hours before the next module session. This module would give the group two problems to solve. There were certain protocols that needed to be stuck to. No alcohol or drugs for at least a week before the test. This was mainly because it was the sensory organs that were the key to a growing understanding of the Eternal Origin Intelligence. This was not really a problem as the team had been working together for quite a while and booze and dope were just not cool these days. Healthy food fitness and dialogue was the fashion booze was for dinosaurs.

Gradually the participants arrived; Netty had prepared a spread for the tribe and after eating and also recounting Blake’s experience they all made their way into the studio. The team went in and took their seats around the attractive glass and metal console.

Welcome, if we could put on our bracelets and then I will explain what’s going to happen next.” Jack a little excited motioned to everyone to get ready. “As you know I have worked with you all individually; you are about to participate in the first step towards truly developing the E.O.I. and again thank you so much for your patience.”

OK any issues please do not hesitate to use the mound if necessary. I have worked on the cradle ware with Netty today, so you may notice a smoother connection process. So here is problem no. 1.” Jack raised his hand and the large screen immediately lit up. “This is a series of complex nucleic equations.” Suddenly some letter and number formulae appeared on the screen. “We know that the fastest computer on the planet takes 10 minutes to work through this problem. Why? Because I built it yesterday. So when the formula has presented itself.”; as Jack was speaking the screen was filling up with complex signs and symbols and numbers, “OK there it is just look at the screen.”

As soon as the formula had filled the screen the answer followed. Jack smiled, “Incredible that took 0.001 of a second.” there was a round of applause from the team.

So this is great so far let’s move on to test two. Again this formula I have devised myself over the last few months in preparation for this day. I have not tested it on my latest computer because there was not enough time. It is about astrophysics and quantum theory. It took the Space Agency three days and nights to successfully compute a satisfactory answer to this complex equation. It will take about thirty seconds to show the whole formulae.”

Again as soon as the formulae filled the screen the answer followed. Jack was a bit nonplussed, “Ah now I didn’t expect such a fantastic result so early on in our experiment. That took 0.01 seconds to compute!!”

November 6th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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