The ETERNAL DISTANCE series CH4 pt 2

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CHAPTER FOUR/part two – Together – QUESTIONS

That took 0.01 seconds to compute!!”

Thank you everyone please remove your bracelets” Jack moved his hand; a screen was revealed and a soft pinky white cover seamlessly moved upwards. Jack moved his hand like a wave again and this mega screen lit up, to reveal a large version of what he had on the working monitor. “Not showing off I promise; this size is so we can analyse every tiny detail. The origin intelligence will become its own living entity as the project progresses.” There was an involuntary ‘Ahhh’ from the participants as the beautiful image appeared.

The team had seen the relatively small image many times but on this screen it was possible to marvel at the multi-faceted three dimensional beauty. It was slightly reminiscent of the Hubble telescope pictures of the birth of stars. Jack told everyone that they would now be watching the second experiment; he needed to study this carefully as he had not expected such a stunning outcome.

As the participants plugged in, on the replay, the shape lit up with predictable green flashes in six positions. As the formula appeared gradually the six points joined up in the centre and shone like a rising sun, the birth of a new era, just for a split second then faded gently back to its original state. Jacks’ eyes seemed to keep this vision; as his eyes sparkled he announced with surging pride, “This is the evolving Eternal Origin Intelligence. The power of your true minds. All of the activity that you have lived in this life up until now, however mundane it may have seemed to you, has contributed to your Origin Intelligence. A source has been tapped at last. I firmly believe that life is eternal and we will evolve the ability to tap the full potential of the universe.”

The team embraced each other and Netty squeezed Jack in a warm and loving embrace. Jack then said, “Please tonight we are going to celebrate, but truly this is just the beginning. I want to confirm that there is still a lot we do not understand. This is being challenged now; it is really important that if you experience anything, however small, that you let us know about it. Blake already has experienced sensory conditions beyond the normal. Please keep in mind that because we live in a beginning and end society, we view things from a birth the beginning and death the end perspective. Eternal Origin Intelligence is not in that realm. For now though well done everyone!!!”

November 7th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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