CHAPTER FOUR/part 3– Cypress mystery – QUESTIONS


Burning cypress
Burning cypress

CHAPTER FOUR/part 3– Cypress mystery – QUESTIONS

OK Chris, come on let’s go, I am booked in early and I don’t want to miss the ride.” Katy, a bouncy, slim and graceful young woman implored her partner. “Just coming, meet me at the car.” Christine was just checking herself in the mirror and rather than applying her usual lipstick she reached the lip salve. She was going to the same place as Katy but doing different things.

A couple of weeks ago Chris had taken part in Jack and Netty’s experiment; Katy was supporting but not involved. Christine was 27 years old, bold and genuine. So how had she got involved with the team or tribe as they were all beginning to call themselves. Chris was Nettys’ niece, the daughter of Jenny, who was 13 years older that Netty. Christine was her first born, a honey blond with bright blue sparkly eyes. Her figure was the envy of many and she had a cracking sense of humour especially when things got tough. She was gay and proud of it; actually it was great to live in California as a lot of the old prejudices that still plagued middle America simply weren’t prevalent where they lived. Katy was great fun and they enjoyed their lifestyle together very much. Katy was fresh out of University and had known Netty’s family when she was growing up. Again the open and honest relationship they had with Jack and Netty was crucial in their involvement with the E.O.I. experiments.

Katy was keen on all the stuff that Jack liked to observe from his veranda. Christine was a little more gentle in her pursuits, so they would go together to the lakeside and Chris would kayak while Katy on this day would be par ascending whilst attached to the back of a powerboat. Katy was devoted to perfecting her skills; she would often be entering different competitions so needed at least two or three outings a week and more often than not Chris would go with her. Chris was a competent at kayaking and also in the past been involved in national competition for a while.

Chris had a large kayak at the lakeside and when they arrived duly prepared to take it out. She was paddling at pace, parallel to the shoreline in the harbour, when all the sudden a cloud enveloped her. At first it was full of moisture; it seemed odd, close, thick and clammy. She paddled hard hoping that she would break out of this strange cloud. Then she realised that the cloud was now smoke; she coughed and the she pulled a handkerchief from her kitbag that was between her knees. She dipped it in the water and thrust it into her mouth. Suddenly she emerged and first saw on her left an island with an old tree in full flame. In the distance she saw a small jetty with a flag pole on it. The water was fairly rough and there was a storm raging. She tried to paddle towards the landing point but just didn’t seem to make any headway. Suddenly she saw a young boy looking at her; well staring at her but he wasn’t really there; that’s what she felt anyway.

The flames were intense but she felt no heat; then crash the kayak spun round and she went into the water. Instinctively she pushed round to upright and then found herself back in the harbour. What was even more peculiar was that she was not even wet and the inside of the kayak and her kitbag were fine.

Chris suddenly thought of Blake and realised that this was getting pretty strange.

November 9th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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