Trying a larger canvas. 24 by 30. A real challenge but got some guys to jump of the cliff like I am doing metaphorically of course
Trying a larger canvas. 24 by 30. A real challenge but got some guys to jump of the cliff like I am doing metaphorically of course



Clickety clack, Clickety Clack. Jess drifted back in.

He realised that he had been in the Midlands for days it seemed. Still the same storm thrashing on; grey dark mostly raining, smashing splattering hypnotically against the window. Back to thinking about his sister, a feeling, an emotional response; just drifting clickety clack, the railway children, running away; James Bond running on the roof shooting.

Jess is that you, Jess Wiltshire?” Jess came to his somewhat deranged senses,” Er yes, that’s right.” He looked up and there was a tall, thin black haired and balding man with glasses; it was his eyes that gave it away. Light brown possibly hazel with a bit of green. “Tom Russell!” Jess exclaimed.

Well amazing what serendipity” Tom mused. Tom had a back pack with him, just a small one, where Jess had a large rucksack and a small case. “Fifteen years?” Tom thought,” Must be, must be”, Jess pondered,” Where have you been Tom?” “In the States until about two months ago Jess.” Jess noticed a lilt in Tom’s voice. He was still obviously British in demeanour but had adopted the accent and mannerisms akin to an American. “We went to America as you know and then I went to college, studied Physics, in fact a lot and now I am starting research into particle movement; I am on the way to Liverpool. I’ll be there for a while doing an intensive PHD.”

Then Bang Jess was looking at Tom when the train; the only way to describe what happened, it was like a golden cotton wool fog, inside the carriage appeared. Gradually everything slowed right down and Jess saw a man in the distance walking towards him, but not getting any closer. It was all absolutely quiet; the man stopped and stared at Jess for a feeling like forever then clickety-clack back to Tom.

Are you OK Jess, am I that boring you seemed to glaze over while I was talking to you for a moment?” “Tom I’ve been having a long day with no sleep; please I am so sorry forgive me, I keep drifting off.” Jess didn’t want to lose the company, n fact he wanted to know more, this was not a coincidence and he wanted to digest what was going to be said. Jess thought quickly, “So that’s amazing Tom, what sort of work have you been looking at?”

Well, a new science Jess, it’s in its infancy and as you know I expect empirical evidences always need to be at the backbone of theory. We are a long way from that yet.” Tom explained, still concerned about losing Jess’s attention. “Come on Tom what are we dealing with here?” “Well, the past, present and future all exist in the moment, so at any point it is possible to access anything.” Jess’s heart missed a beat; incredible c, could this be the key to his disturbed consciousness, his intense experience that seemed to be occurring more and more often. “Tom, how can you be experimenting and doing what?”

There’s no experimenting yet, just theory; much stronger links with a universal language or intelligence needs to be established first: great thing is though that I have been funded to continue working in this field and I have a whole society of colleagues in the States working on the same thing.”

Jess suddenly felt the gloom lift in his mind.

November 11th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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