The ETERNAL DISTANCE series CH 4 part 5

An older oil well about 3 weeks ago I thing mmm who knows time and space is changing for me
An older oil well about 3 weeks ago I think  mmm who knows time and space is changing for me


Jack was restless; they had hit an impasse or certainly entered into a realm of complication. He knew that this was bound to happen because of the complexity of the work. Knowing did not make it anymore comfortable for him however. Netty was concerned about the well being of the team and was aware that Jack wasn’t sure of himself at the moment or quite what the next action was going to be. She really knew it was up to her to motivate him out of this stuck type feeling.

Jack was a genius in his field but in areas of human response at times he was like a lost child. Netty put her arms affectionately around Jack and hugged him close. Jack always responded, well eventually a bit like a small boy who refuses to comply and then melts to his mothers compassion. Of course Netty wasn’t his mother but that was the way it worked; he found it so hard to grow up emotionally and maybe guarded himself in his gargantuan intellectual pursuits.

Jack, maybe the collective experiment came a bit too soon; we need to understand more perhaps?”, Netty knew how to draw on Jacks’ interest. Jack, a bit like a switch went on in his mind responded with quite a different mood from seconds previously,” Well, I think the whole situation is good because there is definitely something exciting going on: just maybe the E.O.I. (Eternal Origin Intelligence) is using our team to explore time and space somehow. I reckon this is unlikely to be of a malevolent nature, after all in a sense it is very much the collective wish of everyone. The problem I have is that I was brought up on Good and Evil and that’s really hard to shake off.” Jack eyes started to show a sparkle again and his demeanour showed a sense of resolve. “What we need to do is get the team together and explain where we’re at, do you think?” Netty poured a freshly squeezed grapefruit juice that she had prepared while they were talking. “What we could do Netty is go a bit deeper and see if we can get a dialogue with the E.O.I.; maybe we can get a better insight on exactly what these events are trying to wake up our poorly trained intellects to grasp. I think it can be done, I guess I was expecting things to go much slower than they are.” Jack strode off towards the studio and Netty soon followed, quickly checking herself in the mirror, showing a pleased radiant smile to herself at her successful encouragement.

November 12th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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